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Chef Ned Bell Partners with Toyota Pacific to Celebrate the Season

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September XX, 2020

Naramata, BC - Currently overseeing one of Canada's most buzz-worthy new restaurants at Naramata Inn, Bell is dedicated to sustainability and efficiency in all aspects of life - from his culinary approach to his car - the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Get to know what he's craving, and how this Executive Chef, business owner and dad of three shifts gears from morning to night, from family to farmers, board room to kitchen and ice rinks to keynotes.

Planked Wild Salmon with Nectarines, Thyme,

Honey, Almonds, and Ricotta

Decidedly West Coast, cedar and salmon are a match made in heaven. This age-old cooking technique has held up for generations - from its First Nations origins to the family BBQ - because it's easy, ingenious and flavourful. In addition to adding complexity, the plank allows the fish to gently steam without fear of getting stuck to the grill for easy serving and clean up. Feel free to experiment - different wood imparts different flavours.


2020 Highlander Hybrid

The Highlander Hybrid is the perfect vehicle for weekend getaways with flexible seating for 7 or 8. An alternative to the norm, it has been recognizer as the most fuel-efficient conventional standard SUV for 2020.


Win Sustainable Groceries for the Family!

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About Ned Bell

Ned is a well-known Canadian culinary talent who has forged a path as a chef advocate, keynote speaker and educator, and now owner and chef at Naramata Inn. As one of the country’s leading chefs, he has used his voice, outgoing personality, and indomitable spirit to stand up for the world’s lakes, oceans and rivers. Ned has earned many honours over the years, most recently: Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (2019), Honorary Doctorate in Technology from Vancouver Island University (2019), SeaWeb Seafood Summit Global Champion Award (2017), and author of best selling cookbook Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast.  

For more information about Ned Bell, please visit nedbell.com, or socially on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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